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Blind Cleaning


Blind cleaning is a time consuming, tiresome and a neglected chore in most premises. Avoiding cleaning your blinds allows dust to settle which in turns assists in the process of pitting (a form of corrosion). This irreversible process affects the look, operation and longevity of your blinds.

Most importantly is the health issue of the people around you. Dust affects all of us in one way or another because it allows dirt, mould and germs to flourish. This is of great concern to ones who suffer allergies, asthma and the like.

We use the most trusted of cleaning process in cleaning your blinds, no dangerous chemicals or moving parts are involved in the cleaning process. We only use the most trusted of cleaning process and all our methods adhere to strict safely policies. Our cleaning process will have your blinds not only looking great, but they will be completely sanitised and fresh, with no dust or nasty stains.

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